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@’s concept DIAS del BANDONEON ‘2015

Vania is an internationally recognized teacher, performer and DJ, who has worked in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Buenos Aires. Dancing since she was 9 years old, in 2000 she discovered and immersed herself in Argentine tango, first as a follow and a year later as a lead too.
In 2002 Vania started teaching tango.
In her classes she pays special attention to three key areas: precision of movement, creating a comfortable embrace for leads and followers, and musicality.
She shows how body mechanics and geometry are the basis for a great connection. Vania’s students value her keen eye, detailed and clear instruction, as well as her patience and kindness.

DIAS del BANDONEON ‘2015 project gives Vania a wide open platform to share her tango knowledges with us through :

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